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What Does MLK Day Mean To You?

Outline of Martin Luther King Jr.'s face

There is something about Martin Luther King Jr Day that brings out the social justice warrior in all of us.

To no one’s surprise, this year, our timelines will be filled with pictures of a pensive looking Martin Luther King Jr.

Quotes around justice and equality will be shared by some of our most estranged connections on the internet.

Let’s not reduce this day to one-liners to appease our friends and colleagues for a few hours.

The effects Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement had in the United States are still evident today. This is not just a day off or a day that is only relevant for African-Americans.

This day belongs to all of us and I want you to celebrate responsibly.

Who is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr?

Most people can easily identify MLK but do you really know who he was? This MLK Day spend some time getting a better sense of the life that MLK led. Now, I could’ve used this time to introduce some recommended books and videos that would do a wonderful job to explain the life of this man. But, I trust that if you were able to find this article on MLK, you can surely use this time to identify those resources on your own.


Did you know that MLK Day is the only federal holiday that is also designated by Congress as a national day of service? If you have the day off, get out there and volunteer. Many cities and local non-profits host a number of service projects that people can get involved in. These projects often fill up quickly so get in there and solidify your place. This is a great time to understand the needs of your community. It’s one thing to show up but get out there and talk to folks to get an understanding of what’s truly happening around you.

Support a Black-Owned Business

MLK advocated for equality for all. Even in 2023, we know the playing field is still very unequal. According to the Alliance for Entrepreneurial Equity (AEE), only 2% of U.S. businesses with employees are Black-owned. Starting within your local community, look for a black-owned business that could use your support. This could be a local restaurant, bakery, boutique or bookstore. If you have kids, they’re most likely off from school, and you can take them with you! This is a great way to invest in those around you.

You can do something memorable this year!

What are your plans for MLK Day?

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